The Shamanic Voice

The Shamanic Voice was a free blog and podcasting service supporting the modern, global shamanic community that I founded in 2012.

In these modern times shamanic practitioners and healers are not the same as the medicine men and women of indigenous tribes. There are more of us than ever before, we come from many countries and cultures, and we live, train and practice spirituality in very different ways than our ancestors did. Many of us are westerners. We have day jobs and busy lives, and have viewpoints very different to many of those we are sharing our lives with. Our spiritual brethren are often spread around the globe, much of our communication is online, many of our communities are ‘virtual’. At the Shamanic Voice we celebrate this modern twist to our spiritual lives. We have created a space where people who walk shamanic paths in a variety of ways can speak, and be heard. We are weaving a new web.

The Shamanic Voice was set up with that community in mind, and myself and my fellow contributors created podcasts, journeys, meditations, interviews, videos and articles – discussing various aspects of what it is to be a modern day shamanic practitioner. Our aim was to support this growing community of spiritual seekers through thought provoking conversation and free resources.

I will be uploading featured shows from the Archive in video and mp3 format, in the meantime feel free to scroll through our Podbean page.