Working with the elements


In shamanic healing, like all energy healing, we draw power from outside of ourselves to work on our clients. We use sound, spirit helpers and deliberately tap into energy sources. I am a big fan of drawing on different energy sources according to what suits the client at that moment, and spend quite a bit of time on this on my Intuitive Healer course. We work with all sorts of energies – power animals, stellar, solar and planetary energies, plant spirits and of course the elements: earth, air, fire and water. I love working with the elements, and have run several shamanic spirit circles exploring ways of getting to know them and work with them for healing. Getting to know the elements is essential if you want to channel that energy strongly and get results, and there are plenty of ways to do this.


Why work with elemental energies?

The elements have certain qualities attributed to them, so you can choose to work with the most suitable energy to help you (or a client) through a particular issue. Here are some of the qualities – note that you should use your intuition to decide which attributions work for you and which don’t, this list is not exhaustive:


* Clarity * Inspiration * Breath * Respiratory issues * Knowledge * Knowing the self * Intellect * Expansion * Sound * Voice * Sense of smell * Vocal expression * Beginnings * Flying * Moving * Positive thinking * Intuition * Joy * Discernment * Dispersing fear & anxiety *


* Creativity * Passion * Warrior within * Heat * Will * Digestive issues * Brain activity * Power * Strength * Confidence * Transformation * Destruction * Energy * Force * Purification * Sight * Illumination * Motivation * Enthusiasm * Vision * Burning away anger *


* Cleansing * Depths of the subconscious * Dreams * Changing tides * Flowing movement * Blood * Daring * Taste * The womb * Menstrual issues * Love * Psychism * Receptive * Flexibility * Soothing * Emotions * Tranquility * Compassion *


* Solidity * Stability * Natural cycles * Growth * Silence * Touch * Skin problems * Nutrition * Bone conditions * Feet * Support * Back problems * Nourishing the seed of potential * Fertility * Prosperity * Grounding * Patience * Responsibility * Steadfastness *

How to work with the elements

There are so many ways to get to know the elements and draw their qualities into your life. For the purposes of doing healing work for others, the principle is the same as in all healing energy. We use our intention and visualisation to connect in to the source of that energy, and we intend that we channel it through ourselves into the client, for their highest good. Simples. But in order to do this strongly, and to affect any kind of self healing, you really need to get to know that energy source. Here are some of my favourite ways to do this.

  • Meditate Examples: meditate on a candle flame, gaze into a bowl of water, visualise sending roots into the earth and experience being connected to it in that way.
  • Get out into nature Walk up a hill in strong wind, do your meditations by the sea, explore some woodland or caves.
  • Go wild! Try white water rafting, fire walking or sky diving – extreme elemental experiences!
  • Carry it with you I usually wear the appropriate colours or crystal or some other power object for the element that I am working with. Keeping a reminder of it with me keeps me mindful of that element.
  • Commit to an element for a month Yes, a month. Do this at least once for each one, you can’t beat it for really getting to know an element. For example, in your air month you may make incense, sing, wear yellows, whites and pale blues, play chimes, go for walks in the wind, learn about the elementals of air (sylphs), experience breath work…
  • Do it all again This you really can’t beat. I have done a lot of elemental work over the years and every now and again I get the urge to go ‘back to basics’ and commune with an element. Of course, the experience is different every time. Last time I went through the elements like this I dedicated the work to the faeries of the elements. It was fascinating!

I’ll be sharing some more about working with elements next week, but I’d love to hear from you about your experiences. What’s your favourite element? What are your best tips for connecting with it?


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