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Walking the Healing Path can be Tough

Over the last 8 years I have been creating original courses and healing experiences to help those on a path of spiritual healing and development. My work has embraced spiritual connection, magic, sound healing, reiki and modern day shamanism, bringing these elements together to help healers to become powerful and heal themselves. I have always celebrated the unique and creative ways that healers follow their own spiritual path, however that may manifest itself, and have been deeply committed to personal transformation, self knowledge and going with the flow of the Work – whatever unexpected adventures that may take us on!

Now my own path has taken me on an unexpected turn. After years of healing sessions, professional workshops and spiritual mentoring, I have been led to a new way of sharing the work. In recent years particularly, I have seen a greater need for the world of healers to prioritise self healing and personal power. So I am busy transforming my years of material into new resources that will support the self healing process and help healers be joyfully present in their own spiritual adventure.


For now, I am away with the pixies...

I’m stepping back from teaching and healing work for now, and will return in 2016 when I will begin releasing the resources I am creating to support healers in a brand new way. I am very excited about birthing the new creations…

…but for now, I am having spiritual adventures of my own. I am away with the pixies, and will see you all on the other side. In the meantime, please feel free to enjoy my many offerings on the blog and resources page.

Big love,

Kay x


Kay’s unique gift is based on her unconditional ability to support others on their healing journey. She is completely committed to the path of personal healing, and has compassion and understanding for those who walk this path themselves. She brings love, happiness, inspiration and power to her healing work and to helping other healers succeed brilliantly!

Peggy Dylan

Practical Mystic & Spiritual Teacher, Sundoor