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Walking the Healing Path can be Tough

As a healer and spiritual seeker, you sometimes feel lost. Despite the tools you have picked up along the way it can be a struggle to live as a spiritual person in the real world, and sometimes it seems that the healing path actually hurts.

After the initial highs of your awakening, and the clarity you had in those moments, you have come back to earth with a bump. Old patterns are still there, many of those closest to you don’t understand what you are going through and are frustrated by the changes you are making, and on tough days you struggle to put what you have learned into practice. It can feel like you are missing something about how this healing lark is supposed to work – that maybe you’re just not doing spirituality right.

You’re sick of the continued ‘healing crisis’ and the standard, fluffy platitudes of the spiritual world fail to inspire you as you work to integrate what you have learned with the real world you’re living in. You’re just not getting the practical, down to earth support that you need.

You have already lived through your darkest hour, and it brought you to this healing path. You have already made the greatest commitment of all: the commitment to a life that is about more than is seen on the surface. Instead of continuing to struggle by yourself, the time has come to acknowledge how far you’ve come, and to reach out for the support you deserve. It is possible to live as a happy, balanced healer in the real world.

To help you get there, I offer support, training and healing for healers.

Let's get Real


Healing is a process, and that means it takes commitment and work. You’ve got to keep showing up for it, make a conscious choice to be a healer in the world. It doesn’t have to be a big struggle – there are ways that you can find ease in the midst of transformation. Still, you will have bad days sometimes, and having faith in the process isn’t always enough to take the edge of. You need real resources that you can use, practical guidance that works, and a community you can lean into. Just because the path is your own, doesn’t mean you need to feel isolated.

Let's get Creative

I believe that every healer is unique, and every one of us is needed. I’ve no real interest in all healers learning the same hand positions and visualisations. I want to know who you are. Healer’s come to me for further training when they are ready to ask the question: who am I, as a healer? If you are ready to ask that question, I am beyond excited to be with you as the answer unfolds. I want to help you find your own natural healing source, not the one given to you by a teacher. To give you the principles of healing and help you find your own unique way to work with them, not to just show you how I do it. To work with you to create a sustainable practice and provide a safe space of supported implementation for everything you have learned and created.

Who is Kay Gillard, anyway?

Oh, hi, that’s me! I’ve got 20 years’ experience of energy work under my belt and I’ve been taught a lot of techniques that expanded my understanding amazingly but no one thing was able to give me what I needed. I’ve emerged from dark years of despair, addiction and fear to claim my place on the healing path. Sometimes the going was a bit rough, so I dedicated myself to becoming powerful and creating a personal practice and healing approach that suited me.

Over the years I have changed, my work has changed and so has my practice. This is the nature of the work: transformation. After my years of working with incredible teachers, taking spiritual guidance through ceremony, and teaching hundreds of students, I’ve gathered the experience to show you the approach that going to change things for you. Not my approach, not my practice, one that is uniquely yours.

This is modern, personal healing. It is creative shamanism for personal power. If you want to claim it, I am here.

To find out more about me and my approach to the healing path and personal power, settle in and read the story of why we can work together.

Kay’s unique gift is based on her unconditional ability to support others on their healing journey. She is completely committed to the path of personal healing, and has compassion and understanding for those who walk this path themselves. She brings love, happiness, inspiration and power to her healing work and to helping other healers succeed brilliantly!

Peggy Dylan

Practical Mystic & Spiritual Teacher, Sundoor